February 6, 2022

Wrapped Horror Cult Film 'Acolyte' set in Western North Carolina

'Acolyte' (Uncanny Films / Dir Cam Tubbs) a Supernatural Horror wrapped filming in Western North Carolina. Stephen Lyons plays the demented Father and Cult Leader of a small coal mining town.

November 23, 2021

"Dyed In The Wool" Official Release after 24 Selections and 10 Awards!

"Dyed In the Wool" (Dir Bill Sorice / Cold Gin Productions) has completed its festival run with 24 Official Selections, 10 Awards and 7 Nominations. I was thrilled to play Braxx (a Hipster who channels energy fields and listens to band's you've never heard of) co-starring with Matilda Szydagis ('Marvelous Mrs. Maisel') and Amie Amis. DITW's S 1 Ep 2 "You Wouldn't Know, Its kinda Obscure" won 'Best Web Series Episode for the Houston Comedy Film Festival' and Portland Comedy Film Festival'.

The Webseries is now available to watch on instagram:
S1 E1: "One Bidet at a Time" Wed., 11/24 @ 8pm
S1 E2: "You Wouldn't Know, it's Kinda Obscure" Th., 11/25 @ 9pm
S1 E3: "Soup to Nuts" Fri., 11/26 @ 8pm
S1 E4: "Eating Out of a Trunk: The American Dream" Sat., 11/27 @ 8pm
S1 E5: "Stand Up... if You Can" Sun., 11/28 @ 8pm

Follow us on Instagram to watch all five episodes for free:

September 8, 2021


The new Trailer for Red Hood has been released Dir by Wells Watson Jr., Stephen Lyons as Joker, JD Martin (Manifest) as Jason Todd (Red Hood) Link in Media

July 27, 2021


Stephen Lyons has been cast as Joker in new Red Hood feature Directed by Wells Watson Jr.

July 26, 2021

Wrapped! Comedy Short 'Cue' based on the movie 'Clue' Directed by Will Simmons

Stephen wrapped a Short called 'Cue' based off of the popular film and board game in which he played the bumbling, Col Mustard

May 3, 2021

Placement: 'Drowning Dove' in 'Last Known Location' (Silver Octopus Prods)

My song 'Drowning Dove' will be featured in the new film by Aimee Theresa (Writer) and Danny Donnelly (Dir) Fall '21

November 5, 2020

Wrapped 'Peeking' Psychological Thriller

We wrapped 'Peeking' (Dir Wells Watson Jr. and TJ Misny, Editor - Oneiric Studios) in which I play a filmmaker who befriends a young filmmaker wanting to develop his talents but his motives are questionable.

September 16, 2020

Dyed In The Wool Wins Its Fifth Award!

'Dyed In The Wool' just won its 5th Award and over 12 selections!  This one for Best Web Series Episode (S1: E2), "You Wouldn't's Kinda Obscure" (aka 'The Hipster Episode') for the Houston Comedy Film Festival
(ranked in the FilmFreeway Top 100).  In this episode I play 'Braxx' an aging hipster who listens to bands you've never heard of and channels Only Good Energy.  
Dir/Writer/Producer: Bill Sorice (Cold Gin Productions)
Cast: Matilda Szydagis ('Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'), Amie Amis, Stephen Lyons, Bill Sorice

March 9, 2020

Booked: Industrial For Major Pharmaceutical Co

Booked an industrial for a Major Pharmaceutical company

November 12, 2019

Booked: New Prinicipal Role on Investigation Discovery's 'Diabolical'

Booked another Principal role for Investigation Discovery's, 'Diabolical'.  

November 10, 2019

Staged Reading: New Musical 'White Rock Cliff'

I was thrilled to join my bandmate Ryan McCurdy (Bonfire Falls / Music / Lyrics) and Ellie Pyle (Book) in the Staged reading of the World Premiere of the Rock/Folk Musical 'White Rock Cliff'.  Its a beautiful story about a couple who faces the reality of their relationship over the course of a trip through Appalachian Trail during the apocalypse in which the power grid has gone down.  

October 4, 2019

Booked: Principal - New Investigation Discovery Series "Dead Reckoning"

I'm very excited to announce I've booked my first Principal Role for a brand new series "Dead Reckoning" for Investigation Discovery.