In October of 1985 Stephen Lyons was sitting in his bedroom listening to Casey Kasem’s Top 40 countdown when he first heard the sounds of Norseman Morten Harket singing a stratospheric falsetto from his K-Mart double-decker boombox, “I’ll Be Gone In a Day Or Two”.   This stratospheric moment was a transformational moment, an ‘A-ha’ moment, you might say which eventually led to Stephen’s discovery he could sing eventually leading to a career as a Musician / Actor / Songwriter and Speaker…

Originally from the Brandywine River Valley of Southeastern Pennsylvania Stephen brings that spirit of landscape, atmosphere into his music.  His music and voice have been described in this way by Mike Johnson (Hot Indie News):


“I am about to pay Stephen probably the best compliment that I can think of. He sounds a LOT like Elvis Costello, James Taylor, Bono and Bob Dylan donated their collective man juice and had a son that combined every single best quality that they have" 

As an Actor/Musician Stephen has portrayed dozens of roles over the years working in both Television and Stage from playing Shakespeare’s baudiest comic characters to Jason Robert Brown’s  Jamie Wellerstein in ‘Last 5 Years’ or his over the top character, JT Kraig for the Onion News.  As a Vocalist he was the voice of a Nationally Syndicated Radio program in 2010 which had a listenership of 8 million listeners.  One of his favorite roles, Richard The LionHeart led to the formation of his side business LionsHeart Leadership providing Keynote Concerts exploring Courage, Creativity & Connection through the example of Storytelling through Songwriting and ensemble based work.

Stephen performs with fellow Actor/Musicians in Indie Folk Pop band, Bonfire Falls featuring the talents of Ryan McCurdy, Erikka Walsh ('Once, A New Musical').  The band features a diverse sound combining Rock, Indie, Folk and Progressive Rock.  They released their debut EP, 'LIFETIME' in May of 2016 recorded at Bunker Studios, BK.   

His Mother and Father Eileen and Joseph Lyons played an immeasurable role in Stephen’s formation as a Musician / Actor and inspired the dedication of his rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s timeless classic ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ produced by Grammy nominated Producer, Anthony Newett which was a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only competition for Best Male Vocalist.

Combining a blend of acoustic, rock and atmospheric textures support Stephen's powerful vocals to reflect open landscapes, with soaring melodic structures and great storytelling.  Stephen orginally studied musical theatre and classical voice under the direction of Barbara Washington-Grant at the University of the Arts.  He went on to study Theatre at DeSales University and toured extensively as an actor.   He was the voice behind a Nationally syndicated radio theme song that was heard by 8 million listeners daily.  

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